Host a "Love.Coffee Morning" 
The most recent global estimates suggest some 120 million children between the age of 5 and 14 are involved in child labour. Through education we believe that we can change this and break this terrible cycle of poverty.

We are inviting you to host your own Love.Coffee Morning with your friends, 
family or colleagues.
  1. Choose your time and location to host your event - It could be with friends, at work or as part of your community
  2. Plan your Event - something simple like; each guest bringing a plate to share or would could do a fully catered High Tea/Coffee or something in between. You might like to create a theme for the event and decorate!
  3. Create your Fundraising Team Page here on Everydayhero - get your crew together and create fundraising page to share and invite people to participate.
  4. Promote your event - give people as much notice as you can, get them involved and sharing with others. Share your fundraising page through social media and email and don't forget to pick up the phone and invite in person.
  5. Start Fundraising - Have your guests join your event by buying a Coffee & Cake, Morning Coffee or High Coffee through your fundraising page. If they can't make the event on the day, get them to Everydayhero anyway!
  6. Host your Event - On they day, you could also run a raffle, have some games, take extra donations through a donations box and share about the work of the Foundation. We can provide you flyers about CNCF, Christina's books to sell and other ways to get involved.
Or even easier, Create a Virtual event
  1. Create your Fundraising Team Page on Everydayhero - shout it from the rooftops, share it on social media, send out some emails and invite your regular coffee buddies to donate to your online fundraising team page. 
  2. And enjoy your coffee knowing that YOU and your friends and colleagues have made a difference!
Raise funds for the education project of the Christina Noble Children's Foundation and help us with our work with the disadvantadged and street children of Vietnam and Mongolia.
We have over 120 projects in healthcare, education and community development
Sign up for your Love.Coffee Morning Today!
#EveryCuppaHelps  #NOchildlabour
"World Day Against Child Labour" was created by the International Labour Organisation to raise awareness and activism to prevent child labour.
You can find all the information here.